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Click on a picture to see a larger view.
Tea Party  This set includes a beautiful floral dress with teapot prints,  two teacups, a teapot
Item #Berry200
Price $6 SOLD
Cheerleader Outfit
Item #Berry201
Price $3 SOLD
Dress with Headband
Cream-colored velour short-sleeve dress with a plum-colored velour rose on the chest.
Item #Berry202
Price $3  SOLD
Santa's Outfit
Item #Berry204
Price $3 SOLD
Pink velvet velour poncho with a hood that has two holes in the top for Briarberry's ears to fit through.
Item #Berry205
Price $3 SOLD
Pink Dress with Head band
Item #Berry206
Price $3 SOLD
BerryLynn's Outfit w headband and flowers. 
Item #Berry207
Price $3 SOLD
White Nightgown
Item #Berry208
Price $6 SOLD

Item #Berry209
Price $3 SOLD
BERRYJANE 's outfit with headband
Item #Berry210
Price $3
SarahBerry's Outfit
Item #Berry211
Price $2
Rain Coat and Hat
Yellow long-sleeve rain coat with two pockets on the front and two purple "buttons" on the front.
Item #Berry212
Price $3
Back to School Set Red plaid dress with white short-sleeves and a white collar with an apple embroidered on each side of the collar. The dress has a white lace bottom edge, and a rose-colored berry and green leaves embroidered in gold trim on the bottom left edge of the dress.
Item #Berry213
Price $14 SOLD
Item #Berry214
Price $3
Ballerina Set Outfit :This set includes a pink tutu, a feathery hair ornament, a round slippers case, and pink ballet slippers
Item #Berry215
Price $4
Ice Skating Outfit :  includes a blue velour skating outfit, a matching bow, a pair of ice skates, a silver medal, and a small cardboard "program" to preview the events. 
Item #Berry216
Price $4 
Briarberry Back to School Set - includes:  desk, outfit, shoes, glasses, book, backpack, ruler and ribbons.
Item #Berry217
Price $16 SOLD
BerryBeth's Outfit
Item #Berry218
Price $3 SOLD


BerryBeth's Outfit
Item #Berry219
Price $3 SOLD
MollyBerry's Outfit
Item #Berry220
Price $3 SOLD
Item #Berry221
Price $
Berry Louise's Outfit
Item #Berry222
Price $3 SOLD
Blue Plaid Dress
Item #Berry223
Price $3 SOLD
Satin Club Jacket with matching headband
Item #Berry224
Price $12  SOLD
Back to School Outfit
Item #Berry225
Price $6  SOLD
White Dress Product#: 71763
White sleeveless dress with a pink satin ribbon bow on the chest. The bottom edge of the dress has white ruffled fabric with white lace on the bottom edge. The dress has berries and green leaves embroidered in gold trim on the bottom left edge of the dress.

Item #Berry236
Price $12 
Cape & Beanie Product#: 75021

Green velvet velour cape with a hat.  Berries and green leaves are embroidered on the bottom of the cape.
Item #Berry239
Price $3 

Dress Product #:71761
Green velour sleeveless shirt with a wide white collar that has a green and white plaid bow in the center. The shirt has the signature berries and green leaves embroidered on the bottom left edge of the shirt. The shirt has a green VelcroŽ brand fastener in the back.  Green and white plaid shorts with an elastic waist and elastic around each leg.   Green and white plaid fabric hair bow. 
Item #Berry242
Price $19
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