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Strawberry Shortcake - Brand New Items.  All come Mint in Box. Never Opened.  By Bandai
Click on a picture to see a larger view.
RARE Home Furnishings Snuggly Living Room Mint in box.
Item #Bandai 1
Price $75  SOLD
RARE Home Furnishings Kitchen Set  Box has a little damage Never  Opened
Item #Bandai 2
Price $
Berry Special Parties School Rules Ginger Snap
Item #Bandai 3
Price $35
Berry Special Parties Jammie Party Angel Cake
Item #Bandai 4
Price $35 SOLD
Coco Calypso w Berry Fun Fashions
Item #Bandai 5
Price $
Seaberry Delight with Berry Fun Fashions
Item #Bandai 6
Price $28
Summer Lovin Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumplin
Item #Bandai 7
Price $25
RARE - Blueberry Muffin. Free Storybook. 
Item #Bandai8
Price $26
Strawberry Shortcake & Apple Dumplin - Berry Sweet Sisters - 5 minute DVD. 
Item #Bandai 9
Price $35  SOLD
Orange Blossom with Marmalade. 
Item #Bandai 10
Price $25
Berry Best Friends Huckleberry Pie.  Target Exclusive.
Item #Bandai 11
Price $36
RARE - Rainbow Sherbet. 
Item #Bandai 12
Price $
16  SOLD
Pretty in Plaid Strawberry Shortcake with Custard
Item #Bandai 13
Price $8
Berry Best Friends Denim Days
Item #Bandai 14
Price $25
Berry Bests Friends Stylin' Strawberry Shortcake and Custard
Item #Bandai 15
Price $8
Dressin' Up SS w Pupcake
Item #Bandai 16
Price $8
Talkin' Giggle Friends - Shoppin' Days Angel Cake.  
Item #Bandai 17
Price $8
Talkin' Giggle Friends - Snowy Days Strawberry ShortcaKE
Item #Bandai 18
Price $35
Tropical Girl Strawberry Shortcake
Item #Bandai 19
Price $25
Berry Best Friends
Pretty Fairy Rainbow Sherbet w toucan
Item #Bandai 20
Price $50
Holiday Sisters Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumplin 
Item #Bandai 21
Price $25
Girly  Curly Orange Blossom and Marmalade
Item #Bandai22
Price $25
Strawberryland Fillies -Champion Honey Pie Pony w accessories 
Item #Bandai 23
Price $35 SOLD
Strawberryland Fillies -Cherry Vanilla w Island accessories 
Item #Bandai 25
Price $25
Strawberryland Fillies - Fantasy Sparkles Huckleberry Hash
Item #Bandai 26
Price $45  SOLD
Strawberryland Fillies -Honey PIe Pony w Island accessories 
Item #Bandai 27
Price $25
Strawberryland Fillies - Pistachio w Island accessories.
Item #Bandai 28
Price $25
Strawberryland Fillies - Spumoni w Island accessories.
Item #Bandai 29
Price $19 SOLD
Strawberry Trunk Playset. Island suitcase.
Item #Bandai30
Price $15 SOLD
Berry Sweet Playset.   Storage for all of your Berry Sweet wearables and accessories.
Item #Bandai31
Price $
Berry Cute Rides - Strawberry Fun Mobile.  
Item #Bandai 32
Price $6 
Berry Cute Rides - Cookie Jar Cruiser.
Item #Bandai 33
Price $6 SOLD
Berry Wear and Accessory Sets Rainy Days
Item #Bandai 34
Price $8 
Berry Wear and Accessory Sets Ski Days
Item #Bandai 35
Price $8
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